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Sales Strategy

We believe competent business strategy is as unique as fingerprints therefore first we analyze data and processes within the companies, make market mapping, examine the competitors, position the products or services then interactively design and execute the market strategy on operational fields. 


do we do?

We are enthusiastic about the business world generally but most importantly we are passionate about seeing clients sharing their part of new markets based on consultation and successful development.  Viewing them experiencing profit growth by the help of Helecom is more than a feeling of great satisfaction, it is Contentment, with a big C.


do we do it?

By pioneer projects we launch new products or services into new international and selected markets, by this way success rate can be measured in short term. Based on this milestone sales executions can be extended and adopted to other international markets by Helecom who is performing as an external sales/- team expert in the process. 


do we do it?

Sales Strategy Services

  • Create, implement and execute customized sales strategy in cross-industrial segments

  • Build, develop and lead sales teams with special focus on B2B segment

  • Help to identify and use competitive advantage

  • Co-create marketing positioning

Ellaborate & Enchance

  • Execute M&A Advisory on both sides: selling and buying enterprises

  • Define and execute operative milestones 

  • Interact with individuals/teams over tools and processes

  • Screen of market and pre-select potential partners

Meet & Merge Markets 

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