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Andrea Spisiakova

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Andrea considers herself a person who has a decent overview of various societal topics: from business ones through political & social topics to sports-specific themes. This also makes her adaptable to diverse environments or unpredictable situations, making her responsible for quality time-management or eager to create interesting content.  

Andrea has an experience in various areas of corporate as well as family-run businesses and is constantly looking for new challenges that would develop her own potential.  




​​Andrea's biggest passion is definitely sports - from those more seasonally oriented ones such as skiing or inline-skating to those that have been a regular part of her sports routine for many years already, which certainly include strength & conditioning training. 



Andrea's daughter is the driving force behind her own self-discovery and self-improvement while still enjoying this journey with other passions of hers such as DJing, shuffle dancing and her general love for electronic music. 

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