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Marta Krauth


Marta's experience as a manufacturing and operational leader is key substance to our group dynamics. Her knowledge adds extra value to each project. She is not only a well trained professional on how to manage world trade fairs but owns a wide range of network made out of manufacturers & suppliers. Her language skills make her a perfect candidate to nurture projects in the DACH and Austrian regions. 



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Marta's passion for horses started very early. Her childhood dream came true when she bought her first horse and became a serious hobby rider. She now owns 3 horses and keeps them on her family property. She is not only regulary competes on geographical competitions but leads horse riding camps all year long.

Her other leisure pursuit is connected to her dog. Csipke (Lace) is not only a family favorite but a colleague in work, the travelling companion and an adorable beggar when it comes to any meal.   

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